We advance just plan for you.

S.L started used vehicles loading service on April 2008 in port of Hakata. We have loaded almost type of loading combinations in the past.

The destinations to which we continually load vehicles for our client are UAE, Pakistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Hongkong, Myanmar, Thailand, Tanzania, Mozambique, South-Africa, Botswana, Angola, Namibia, USA, Chile, Peru, Georgia, Dominican Republic.

Please confer with us if you are concerned for the safety of your cars.

Our stuffing engineer suggest the best loading plan to export as many vehicles as you can from our experience.

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Making stuffing plan

It is important stuffing plan when you export container shipment.
If you choice best vanning plan, you can reduce total transportation cost & damage risk.
In addition, you can bring all your cargo in the shortest.
S.L staff can make various stuffing combination suited to your destination.
And if you export a lot of cars
one time shipment,we consult you optimal combination for you.

  • <1>Destination
  • <2>20′ or 40’HC
  • <3>Vehicle’s Name
  • <4>Vehicle’s Size (Length,Width,Height)

If you have the below docs,please send me together.
(Specification sheet,Vehicle inspection certificate,Export cetificate)

shovel-measure car-measure truck-measure
アイキャッチ 2


Vehicle loading ability is our greatest strength.

S.L take all wire lashing on the vehicles stuffing. Even if the destination is hard transportation conditions (for example Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan), we don’t use iron bridges and angle racks. Because this system use the best with the space that we have. But no need to worry. It have been nothing serious problem before now.

For example, we can load these combination plan into 40’HC container include.

  • 6 units of compact car.(Vitz, March, FIT)
  • 5 units of small sedan(COROLLA, PRIUS etc)
  • 2 small sedan & 1 middle sedan & 1 SUV & 1 hatchback
  • 2 units of middle sedan & 2 units of 4WD vehicles(MARK 2, LAND CRUISER 80)
  • 2 units of HIACE & 1 K trucks.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.

We will do our best to load growing number of vehicles into container.

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