Relocating our Fukuoka Office: Shining the Spotlight on all Staff Members

Hello, I am Ichiki of Sync Logistics.
In this issue, I would like to share with you the relocation of our Fukuoka office which happened last month.

Our fourth office since our company’s establishment in 2013, the design and layout of this office was mainly created by our shipping operations manager. Below is a message from our Fukuoka office about their relocation.


■ Message from our Fukuoka office


Our company was established in 2013, and we are going to celebrate our 9th anniversary in July 2022.

Having been involved in the export of over 400,000 used automobiles, we have always strived for the level of professionalism that aids our customers’ advancement.

Along with the expansion of new services such as automobile export yard operations and our 3PL business, we have worked on the growth of our staff into becoming more trustworthy, and on improving each employee’s skills.

From two employees at the time of our establishment in Fukuoka to our current 45 employees, this year we are also preparing to welcome new college graduates for the first time.

Going forward, we will further strengthen our client support system that we have nurtured at our Fukuoka office, and we aim to become an enhanced hub that can fully support our customers’ advancement and success.


■The features of our logistics services


Our company’s functions are categorized as follows: operations which provides our logistics services; sales which also covers listening to our customers’ needs; and marketing which plans services.

Many of those who are interested in joining our company have a strong drive and they have overseas connections – such potential employees include foreigners and Japanese nationals who have studied abroad.

But there are also many who join our company even though they do not have such experiences – they just want to work in a company that does business globally.

Planning and selling our services are rewarding for those in charge of these because it is easy for them to form deep relationships with our customers and partner companies, and it is also easy for those involved to feel the effects of cost reductions and commercial distribution support.

On the other hand, our staff who work in operations are tasked with routine work and with meeting weekly shipping cut-off dates, so it is not often that they are praised or receive words of gratitude from those involved, thus they tend to complete work accurately and quickly, instead of doing it for someone’s sake.


■Operations that impresses and moves the heart

Our 3PL service, which we are currently pushing within the company, fully highlights the strengths of our operations department. As its name implies, this service aims to “support our customers’ success and advancement to the fullest” through shipping arrangements, and peripheral operations such as documentation, sending BLs, and recycling refunds. When you outsource your peripheral operations to us, our staff will meet with you to suggest workflow improvements and smooth shipping arrangements after the automobiles have been been sold.

We can quickly find export routes to new destinations.
We can shorten the average time from when the automobiles are sold to the time they arrive at their destination to 2 weeks.
We can quickly solve logistics problems that occur locally.

From the operations side, we will push for the maximization of the number of automobiles exported from Japan. This is the concept of this service.

With such a service, we would like to continue creating a business that supports our customers’ and partner companies’ advancement, while making the work rewarding for all of our employees as well.

Please expect a lot from the operations services of our Fukuoka office. We would also like to sincerely thank our customers and partner companies for their warm wishes on our relocation. We look forward to serving you at our new office.

Thank you for your time.