Message to Our Partner Companies

“Growing together with our partner companies.”
Our clients’ business models continue to diversify, and the valuations of the logistics services that they demand continue to increase. The existence of our partner companies is essential for our company, which mainly offers non-asset types of services*. It is precisely the support of our partners in Japan and overseas that have allowed us to continue to grow. (*Non-asset type refers to a way of building logistics services without owning facilities.)


As we have grown this business, there were times when we were scolded. Times when a well-meaning action deviated from the rules which caused inconvenience to those involved. Times when we accepted ambiguous jobs which placed an excessive burden on those working onsite.
Looking back, most of those problems were caused by ignorance and misunderstandings. We are now devoting most of our efforts in developing human resources who can fill these “gaps” as we continue to grow as an “organization that conducts logistics.”


Our major cargo, used cars exported from Japan, is at a major crossroads.
The transition to electric vehicles in Japan will happen by 2030, so I believe that used car exports will peak in the next 10 years.

Our slogan of “Number 1 Car Transport Company in Japan” is based on our desire of creating more value by exporting more used cars from Japan. 
An increase in vehicles exported from Japan will lead to an improvement in the visibility of domestic manufacturers and to an increase in the number of new vehicles sold, which will revitalize the entire automobile industry. We believe that our company can help society as a whole.


Our company’s growth lies in the growth of our partner companies.
To keep the logistics industry in good shape while keeping customers’ success as the first priority, we must sincerely communicate the needs of the market to all parties involved, and then establish policies. We must put all our energies on working together to develop and implement measures in order to meet challenges.
Even after 2030, we will continue to create new business models using 
the know-how and networks we have cultivated thus far.

Great logistics services have “heart and structure” which builds deep trust among the parties involved.
Instead of a superficial relationship of merely receiving and placing orders for logistics jobs, we will continue to aim for true partnerships that encourages progress in business.

Sync Logistics' container yard in Mongolia

Takahiro Ichiki, President and CEO