Message to our Shippers

“Our mission is to send as many cars as possible to their destinations reliably and at a reasonable price. 
Please focus on stocking and sales.”

This was the first piece of copywriting I wrote aimed at our customers.


About 1.2 million used cars are exported annually from Japan. These cars that have been properly maintained through Japan’s “vehicle inspection system” (shaken seido) are very popular especially in newly developing countries, and they are shipped out from Japan’s major ports.

Controlling risks in this market is difficult due to a strong yen and local import restrictions, and there is a tendency for problems to arise due to misunderstandings when people who are from different cultures and speak different languages work together.

In used car sales,

– previews and bidding at auto auctions take place from Monday to Saturday;
– a large number of auction sheets must be translated to explain the condition of vehicles; and complaints must be handled;
– orders from overseas and payments for exported cars come in both day and night.

These and other tasks conclude sales contracts.

The reasons why we are particular about logistics (keeping distribution in good shape) lie here.

“We want to ensure that the cars we have undertaken risks for and sell are delivered smoothly to our customers.” Our company was established in order to meet the needs of all shippers.


We ask only one thing from our shippers, and it is this:

To sell as many automobiles as possible overseas.

With a 50-year history, this market is expected to peak in the next 10 years as it prepares to shift to electric vehicles by 2030. We will continue to contribute to the maximization of automobile exports by providing support that is not bound by conventional wisdom to shippers whose strengths lie in their products and business models.


Our company name was taken from the word “synchronize.”
We want to grow our business by listening to our customers and adapting our rhythm to theirs.
This intention hasn’t changed. To enhance this, we strongly feel that the most important thing now is to have a common goal with our partner companies and their employees.

“Logistics for a bright future.”

We will continue to envision a world where each and every one of us finds meaning, and where we all can look forward to the future.

Takahiro Ichiki President and CEO

Takahiro Ichiki President and CEO