Message from the President and CEO

When this company was established in 2013, I had no vision nor experience, only the desire to “continue to provide services that customers want.” Focusing on this repeatedly has grown this business.
My motivation to continue with this business lie in my responsibilities to those who have placed their trust in me.
Looking back, I have helped in exporting over 400,000 used vehicles all over the world.


The international logistics (port transport) industry in Japan is currently undergoing major changes.
From Japan’s period of high economic growth until the present, ports and harbors, which are the “doors” for imports and exports, have supported the country’s development amidst the unique structures that have developed in each region.
At the same time, in order to deal with a declining working-age population, we must actively utilize young people, women, and foreign nationals, as well as promoting digital transformation.


In 2020, COVID-19 restricted mobility and caused major changes in people’s lifestyles and economic activities.
As work styles such as online meetings and working from home have continued to diversify, people are putting more emphasis on results rather than time, and the time has come when sharing values that bind us together is even more important.


We believe that what others want from us is to face reality as professionals, and to continue to fill the gap of what we are and what we should be.
As a company, we will continue to nurture unique personnel, and create business models that are needed today.
This precisely, is what we believe to be our company’s role in society.


In this light, logistics is a beneficial concept.
In carrying out logistics, the thoughts and understanding of interests of all involved must first align, and then they must share the same objectives.
With innumerable options depending on products, regions, and business models, we will continue to ask ourselves what roles we are expected to play, and continue to aim to be “a logistics business most needed by the world.”


To this end, we are committed to being “YOUR FORWARDING PARTNER” as we continue to provide services that support the advancement of society by building “partnerships with the shared goal of progress” with our customers, employees, and partner companies.

Takahiro Ichiki

Takahiro Ichiki President and CEO