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One-Stop Logistics Services

What are "One-Stop Logistics Services?"

Our all-in-one, international logistics services support the "maximization of the number of vehicle exports."

We undertake comprehensive logistics services for used car exports on behalf of shippers.

From the formulation of logistics routes and transport methods to operations and management, we can build a system that optimizes logistics costs and personnel allocation. By consigning work to us, our customers can focus on their purchasing and sales operations.

Our Services

Taking full advantage of our know-how and networks in the used car logistics industry,
we build and customize logistics systems for our customers that will enable them to export as many vehicles as possible.

Specifically, the following tasks can be consigned to us in their entirety.

Examples of Work that We Can Do for You

  • Formulating logistics routes and transport methods
  • Managing logistics schedules
  • Managing logistics costs
  • Choosing and making arrangements for transport companies
  • Pre-export inspections and quarantine
  • Customs clearance for exports
  • Export-related documentation
  • Container vanning
  • Sending export documents such as bills of landing, etc.
  • Applying for recycling refunds
  • Proposing improvements in logistics bottlenecks

Do you have any of these problems?

  • 1

    Difficulties in hiring and training personnel for logistics arrangements and operations

    • Insufficient time, money or energy to hire and train top-caliber personnel in-house
    • Low retention rate of personnel in your operations department
    • Cumbersome, error-prone documentation and paperwork
    • Cannot make fast and efficient logistics arrangements
  • 2

    Large fixed costs (labor costs) during the market's off-peak periods

    • The logistics arrangement workload fluctuates depending on the market's peak and off-peak periods.
    • The number of vehicles is not constant, so shortages or surpluses of logistics personnel are likely to occur.
    • The percentage of fixed costs in the balance of payments increases during periods when the number of exported vehicles is low.
  • 3

    Cannot concentrate management resources on purchasing and sales operations

    • Manpower is being used in tasks that do not directly lead to sales.
    • Insufficient time, money, or energy in building relationships with overseas customers
    • Cannot focus on core business activities therefore your company's competitiveness is not increasing

Benefits of One-Stop Logistics Services

  • 1. Reduced logistics costs

    By outsourcing all logistics operations that are not directly related to sales, costs will become variable and optimized, resulting in reduced logistics costs.

  • 2. Increased logistics speed
    and improved cash flow

    Because the most efficient logistics routes and transport methods in terms of cost and man-hours are used, reduced logistics lead-times and improved cash flow can be expected.

  • 3. Allowing personnel to concentrate
    on core operations

    Allowing logistics-related personnel to concentrate on core operations such as purchasing and sales can result in improved competitiveness and increased sales.

An Example of Our Customer's Success Story

Comprehensively consigning all logistics processes and management to Sync Logistics results in the optimization of management resources!

Issues before using our One-Stop Logistics Services

  • Sustained personnel costs for logistics operations despite fluctuations in the number of vehicles exported
  • Wanting to optimize management resources for business expansion and improved profitability

Effects of using our One-Stop Logistics Services

  • Establishment of a system that allows focusing on sales activities
  • Achieving variable logistics costs
  • Reduction of logistics personnel from 9 to 2, by transferring logistics personnel to other operations

Details of the success story here

Steps from Consultation to Project Commencement


Please complete the inquiry form or call us.

2Initial meeting

We will meet to introduce our services in detail, and to listen to your issues and requests.

3NDA signing

We will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

4Logistics due diligence (about 2 weeks)

We will analyze in detail your logistics' operations, processes, and costs. We will also estimate the reductions in your man-hours and costs after introducing our 3PL service.
*For our analysis, please provide information related to shipping costs and arrangement methods.

5 Proposal and quotation

We will meet again to present our proposal to you.

6Contract signing and project commencement

We will sign the contract, and the project will begin.
Please be assured that the handover of work to be consigned to us will occur in stages over several months.

7Regular meetings

After all the work to be consigned is handed over, we will have meetings about once a month to share and exchange opinions on the progress of logistics and future business prospects, while we provide continuous support for business expansion.


We welcome your comments and inquiries regarding our services.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.