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Sync Logistics, an automobile export forwarder, chartered a RORO ship as a general Japanese agent for Dubai “RVC LINE”

A forwarder and logistics service provider specializing in automobile exports, Sync Logistics Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo and helmed by president and CEO Takahiro Ichiki), signed a contract with Dubai-based shipping company RVC Line on August 2, 2021 as its sole agent in Japan. Sync Logistics chartered a RORO vessel and conducted its first shipping from two ports, Yokohama and Osaka, in September 2021. The company provides speedy solutions to ongoing export difficulties due to a lack of container space.

■Background of RVC Line's first entry into Japan
This is the first time that RVC Line, a shipping company based in Dubai, has allocated a vessel for Japan. Wanting to enter the Japanese market, it sought a partner company to become its sole agent, and they chose our company, Sync Logistics Inc.

It is extremely rare for a forwarder to charter a ship, but RVC Line wanted to partner with a company that could flexibly and quickly respond to its future expansion in Japan. Recognizing our track record and philosophy, RVC Line signed a contract with us.

With the ongoing shortage of container space due to the pandemic, chartering a vessel with a large amount of space equates to having a "rescue ship" for shippers who export automobiles. Based on our approach of providing logistics services that support our customers' business growth, we decided to to become RVC Line's sole agent in Japan.

■Details of our first shipping
Commencement of services for the Japan-South America route
The RORO vessel allocated by RVC Line in September 2021 was loaded at the ports of Yokohama and Osaka, and was bound for Iquique, Chile. The second allocation is slated for mid-November 2021, and further allocations will be arranged.

Speedy solutions - from contract signing to shipping in just 2 months
Many stakeholders are involved in the Japanese port transport industry, and especially for a shipping company new to the market, it is common for procedures and adjustments to take time. In this deal, we were able to sign the contract and load the first ship in an unprecedented speed of 2 months, with both companies cooperating and responding flexibly.

■Outlook for the future
From the standpoint of an automobile export forwarder (freight forwarder), Sync Logistics offers optimized export plans through transport services that meet the client's requirements and company business model.

With the goal of addressing the lack of container space and facilitating smooth exports, this deal has extended our services beyond their current fields of business. While utilizing our strength of having relationships in many export countries, we are considering expanding this new service and making it part of our lineup of regular services.

We will continue to offer tailor-made logistics services while supporting clients in solving their issues.

■About Sync Logistics
Our business has two pillars: yard operations for automobile exports, and automobile exports/freight forwarding. Based on our vision of "partnerships with the goal of mutual progress," we provide services with the aim of being "a logistics business most needed by the world," By flexibly creating business models required by the times, we are working toward a world where things go smoothly.


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