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Sync Logistics Takes Part in Operating the Vanning Yard of Maersk, the World’s Largest Container Shipping Company
Opening ceremony of the Minami Honmoku Vanning Yard

Sync Logistics Inc. (hereinafter "Sync Logistics"), headquartered in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, and helmed by its president and CEO Takahiro Ichiki, will take part in the operation of the used car vanning yard of A.P. Moller-Maersk (hereinafter "Maersk"), headquartered in Denmark, with its North East Asia office helmed by Managing Director and President Toru Nishiyama. The yard opened on August 2, 2019 at the the Minami Honmoku Wharf of the Port of Yokohama. This is Maersk's first vanning yard in Japan, and Sync Logistics will be involved in its operational design, and provide consulting using its trading platform "La-Plus." Sync Logistics will also be involved in handling arrangements for Maersk's used car exports. Through this business partnership, efficient yard operations will be realized at this vanning yard.


About the opening of the Minami Honmoku Vanning Yard
Starting 2019, Maersk will expand into the overland logistics business, and as the first step in this initiative in Japan, it has opened a used car vanning yard at the Minami Honmoku Wharf at the Port of Yokohama. With an area of approximately 9,200 square meters, the yard can hold 500 passenger vehicles, and aims to have a structure in place that can export 200 containers containing 3 to 6 cars per month.

Used cars waiting to be loaded at the Minami Honmoku Vanning Yard

Background of this business partnership

Sync Logistics handles export arrangements for about 6,000 vehicles per month, and promotes the digitalization of the logistics industry through the development and operation of its La-Plus trading platform.

With Maersk's opening of its first vanning yard in Japan, it has been decided that Sync Logistics will form a partnership with them for operational work in their yard. Specifically, Sync Logistics will be responsible for operational design, consulting work, and the handling of used car export arrangements. This partnership will enable smooth container loading and unloading, which will improve the turnover rate of cargo for export, resulting in better profit margins for shippers.

About the La-Plus trading platform

Inefficient operations are still the norm in the logistics industry. Communications are done by fax or phone, and in many cases, more than ten companies are involved in the export of one vehicle alone.
Developed and managed by Sync Logistics, La-Plus shows the status of cargo shipments. It allows customs brokers and other stakeholders to share information and centrally manage statuses and tasks in real time.
La-Plus will be used for operations at the Minami Honmoku Vanning Yard at the Port of Yokohama. The system will enable the many companies involved in vanning yard operations to perform their work efficiently and in a standardized format.

Message from Maersk

Mr. Toru Nishiyama, Managing Director and President, Maersk North East Asia

Mr. Toru Nishiyama, Managing Director and President, North East Asia
There are two main reasons for our business partnership. The first is vision. What I deem important in business is the company president's philosophy. When I met Mr. Ichiki, I empathized with his vision. We have the same values, and I felt we had the potential to work together.

The second is technology. With Sync Logistics' technology, they can handle a large volume of vehicles quickly even in a yard that's not that large. Our Minami Honmoku yard is just under 10,000 square meters, so we wanted to partner with a company with the know-how.
Sync Logistics has been focusing on customer satisfaction through automation and its standardization. I can strongly feel their willingness to embark on any challenge because of their youth and energy. We hope they will keep the same mentality and vitality for the next ten, twenty years.


Message from Sync Logistics

Mr. Takahiro Ichiki, President and CEO
Our vision is partnering with all trading companies. Up until now, many of our projects have been helmed by our company, but this time, Maersk will be front and center, and we will provide support in assigning necessary resources and using our know-how. This initiative is exactly in line with our vision.
The most integral part of this initiative is that it will be jointly undertaken by various stakeholders at the Port of Yokohama, which is a battleground for used car exports and the port where demand is greatest. We have the know-how in safe and compliant operations that simultaneously maintains profitability. We will continue to build value-added services for shippers.

Left: Mr. Toru Nishiyama, Managing Director and President, North East Asia, Maersk. Right: Mr. Takahiro Ichiki, President and CEO, Sync Logistics

Left: Mr. Toru Nishiyama, Managing Director and President, North East Asia, Maersk. Right: Mr. Takahiro Ichiki, President and CEO, Sync Logistics



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