Press Release
Sync Logistics Officially Launches its “One-Stop Logistics Services,” which are All-in-One, Consigned, Logistics Services for Used Car Exports

Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo and helmed by our president and CEO Takahiro Ichiki, we are Sync Logistics Inc., a logistics service company specializing in automobile exports. We have begun offering one-stop logistics services that comprehensively handle logistics operations for used car exports. These services were originally offered in response to our existing customers’ requests, but due to popular demand, we are officially launching these services for the general public.

Our Services

Background of this Launch: For the Development of the Industry as a Whole

Reflecting our vision of being a partner that supports the advancement of business and society, we have been developing our business based on the two pillars of “yard operations for automobile exports” and “automobile exports/freight forwarding” since our establishment in 2013. With the help of various partner companies, we have strengthened our services to allow shippers to export as many vehicles as possible. Currently, we help export approximately 60,000 vehicles annually around the world.

Shippers have a wide range of issues and needs, but in working with various stakeholders, we realized that the common issue in the industry is improving logistics’ productivity. Because the used car export market is subject to fluctuations in the number of vehicles exported due to exchange rates, political conditions and regulations in destination countries, many shippers minimize resources in their logistics departments for management efficiency. As a result, even if purchasing and sales are improved, the problem is that logistics operations do not function properly due to inadequate personnel and know-how.

To maximize the number of vehicles exported, a system that enables smooth logistics regardless of market fluctuations is necessary. In light of this issue, we have begun offering one-stop logistics services that harness our logistics-related know-how, experience, and networks.

Currently, 1.2 million used cars are exported from Japan annually. Utilizing our one-stop logistics services will result in efficient and optimized used car logistics, allowing us to contribute to the further development of the industry as a whole.

Overview of our One-Stop Logistics Services: Maximizing the Number of Vehicles Exported from the Operations Side

Our comprehensive, one-stop logistics services handle logistics operations for used car exports. From the formulation of logistics routes and transport methods to operations and management, we can build a system that optimizes logistics costs and personnel allocation. By consigning work to us, our customers can focus on their purchasing and sales operations.

We solve these problems that shippers have:

Difficulties in hiring and training personnel for logistics arrangements and operations
- Insufficient time, money or energy to hire and train top-caliber personnel in-house
- Low retention rate of personnel in your operations department
- Cumbersome, error-prone documentation and paperwork
- Cannot make fast and efficient logistics arrangements

Large fixed costs (labor costs) during the market's off-peak periods
- The logistics arrangement workload fluctuates depending on the market's peak and off-peak periods.
- The number of vehicles is not constant, so shortages or surpluses of logistics personnel are likely to occur.
- The percentage of fixed costs in the balance of payments increases during periods when the number of exported vehicles is low.

Cannot concentrate management resources on purchasing and sales operations
- Manpower is being used in tasks that do not directly lead to sales.
- Insufficient time, money, or energy in building relationships with overseas customers
- Cannot focus on core business activities therefore your company's competitiveness is not increasing

Effects and Advantages of Adopting our Services

Reduced logistics costs
By outsourcing all logistics operations that are not directly related to sales, costs will become variable and optimized, resulting in reduced logistics costs.

Increased logistics speed and improved cash flow
Because the most efficient logistics routes and transport methods in terms of cost and man-hours are used, reduced logistics lead-times and improved cash flow can be expected.

Allowing personnel to concentrate on core operations
Allowing logistics-related personnel to concentrate on core operations such as purchasing and sales can result in improved competitiveness and increased sales.

An Example of a Company that Adopted our Services

Tau Corporation, which sells and exports vehicles damaged by accidents or natural disasters to more than 120 countries, has adopted our one-stop logistics services (previously called 3PL service) to optimize their management resources. By comprehensively consigning their logistics operations to us, their logistics costs became variable costs, and we were able to build a system with them that allows them to focus on sales.

Details here.

Message from our President and CEO Ichiki: Shining a Light on Operations

There is still much room for growth in the logistics sector of the used car export industry. However, the truth is the logistics sector is not reaching its full potential because work tends to be driven by long-standing customs and relationships and not by efficiency. This is a huge loss for the industry as a whole.

We at Sync Logistics believe that the key to the industry's development lies in shining a light on and maximizing the potential of the logistics sector which has long remained behind the scenes. By providing fair and honest one-stop logistics services that are not bound by conventional practices, we support all stakeholders’ progress.

As for our future plans, we are also considering 4PL and 5PL services that utilize technology to strategically support our customers’ business expansion. As a stepping stone to these plans, we will first pursue a world where things go smoothly through our one-stop logistics services.


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